International Surrey Football is pleased to announce a new stage in our journey as we join as founding members of the World Unity Football Alliance (WUFA), started by the NGO iAct, founders of the Darfur Football Association. The World Unity Football Alliance is a collaborative effort between value-aligned teams with a mission to promote hope, opportunity, and universal human rights while celebrating the joy of bringing people together through the most beautiful of games: Football.
International Surrey Football could be going sponsorless on their men’s home and away kits from the start of 2021. Surrey’s current home 2019-20 shirts notably featured 4 sponsor logos on the kit to ensure it was funded at no expense for the fledgling team and featured Pilgrim Brewery, CW Sport Radio, Follow the Trawler Podcast and FootballKitBox over their next 3 games, with plans to wear the shirts at their 2020 fixtures dashed following the
In recent weeks we’ve been showing off a number of images for our next 2021 away kit, and are continuing to work on designs behind the scenes, but 1 of the biggest questions remains. Should the shirt have a sponsor or not? In an ideal world, most teams wouldn’t feature a sponsor, the shirts look better and the design can really speak for itself a lot more, but kit costs money to produce and the
We have continued to see scenes in the USA and a growing number in major cities around the world including London. We’ve watched as friends, colleagues, and neighbours continue to face violence and feel threatened due to the colour of their skin. At International Surrey Football we have not only taken notice of these incidents, spans year if not decades before our team’s foundation, but feel deeply hurt for all affected by racism. For those
In a new series of “outlandish ideas” that have at one stage been thought up but never gone beyond being an initial idea, we’ll be exploring them in greater details and looking at what International Surrey Football could be or has otherwise looked into. Today, we look at the “International Surrey Women’s Club Cup”, or more generally, a Surrey Women’s County Cup. Currently, no Surrey only county-wide women’s competition exists that is run by the

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