Surrey Men

The Surrey player pool lists every player that has made their availability for a call-up known to International Surrey Football and may be selected to take part in a Surrey Game when arranged. Players may be approached by International Surrey Football or may make their interest known.

Below every player to have received a full Surrey cap is included. Full Surrey caps are given in all games against any non-FIFA or FIFA team. This includes World Unity FA and ConIFA members, FIFA or confederation member, representative teams of any county FA.

Fixtures against clubs, divisional FAs, and league representative teams do not count towards Surrey caps and their details will not be included in this list, consult individual fixtures for individual player stats.


PlayerGoalsAssistsYellow CardsRed CardsAppearancesOwn Goals
Ashley West000020
George Hyde000030
Giordano Zabotti000010
James Shaw000010
Kevin Wheller000070


PlayerGoalsAssistsYellow CardsRed CardsAppearancesOwn Goals
Bas Morally000020
Ben Ewing000020
Denis Negulescu000030
Jahvele Alexander000050
Jamie Kaffo000020
Jordan Brooks100050
Jordan Whitmore000010
Josh Burrows000010
Josh Maher000040
Kyle Bailey000010
Leavan Sullivan100020
Lewis Taylor000010
Liam Roberts100010
Rory Lewis000010
Ryan Smith000030
Steve Beckett000040
Will Moore000050
Zach Powell000010


PlayerGoalsAssistsYellow CardsRed CardsAppearancesOwn Goals
Ali Forfana000010
Andre Roberts000020
Anis Nurr000010
Ayman Dahdouh000050
Chad Goulter100030
Darryl Siaw000010
Daré Mustapha000020
Dave Moores000020
Didi Ndombe000010
Era Kabuye000020
Felix Ahorlu000040
Jack Johnson000020
Jack Moore000020
Jahobi Maher000020
Jordan Holmes000010
Josh Maher000040
Matt Chatfield000010
Nathaniel Williams200060
Niyi Shokunbi000040
Nyam Mcleod100060
Steven Kehl000010
Tashan Veal000030


PlayerGoalsAssistsYellow CardsRed CardsAppearancesOwn Goals
Jarvis Nutt100020
Jason Nwachukwu000020
Jay Jones030080
Keiran Campbell000010
Mal Thomas200020
Mario Quiassaca000010
Markus Marcus000030
Nebay Haile000010
Ricardo Fernandes200020
Steve Harcombe110010
Tayo Ajayi500060
Tiago Andrade600050
Tony Halsey100010