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Bringing Tigres to Surrey

Finding sponsors this season is proving difficult for many teams and we’re no exception, we have a number of games to look forward to, especially in 2021, and that is why we want to use this opportunity to bring Tigres closer to our plans than ever before to promote the club’s fantastic fanbase in the UK. If everyone of the 100s of Tigres fans donated just £5 (~MEX$145) we’d be able to afford everything we’d need this season!

We want to celebrate our unique connection with the Tigres fans and help them to promote their club to UK fans, that’s why we’re planning to run a special crowdfunder to support our 2020/21 plans.

We’re aiming to raise £1,200 (~MEX$35,000) to give Tigres fans our Gold Tier sponsorship of our very own Southern Frontier Cup tournament which will see the Tigres name and image spread across the 2-day tournament, but also cover a pitchside banner (like the one below) that will be present at a Surrey football ground all season including during several upcoming Surrey games.

As part of our Gold Tier Sponsorship (Full Details) of our main event in 2021. This would mean that we will incorporate the Tigres image onto our new 2021 kit that will go on sale later this year. (Example shown below)

We’ll also incorporate Tigres into our website, our tournament programmes, banners around the football stadium and more. The games will also be live-streamed for free and available internationally with English commentary provided by our partners at CW Sport Radio.

While we’re aiming for £1,200, if we raise more than beyond this, we’ll come up with more ways of celebrating the Tigres fans for helping up this season. As well as our tournament we have other games including a charity match and the debut of our new women’s team and we’d look to thank Tigres supporters here as well.

Fans interested in supporting the Tigres Supporters sponsorship of International Surrey Football in the 2020/21 season, can contribute here:

Surrey Partners with Hope & Glory Sportswear for 2021 Men’s Kit

International Surrey Football is pleased to reveal our 2021 Men’s kit, produced with the help of Kit Factor and due to be manufactured by Hope & Glory Sportswear, recent providers of our #NotBlueandGold blackout shirts in aid of the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM). Currently unsponsored, a final decision will be made later this year on whether the new kit will be sponsored and if so who will sponsor the new kit which will be worn at our 2021- fixtures and the 2021 Southern Frontier Cup.

Details of when the 2021 kit will be available are yet to be determined, and are anticipated to be available in batched pre-orders. Details will be announced when available.

2021 Southern Frontier Cup Sponsorship Now Available

International Surrey Football is pleased to release the latest sponsorship information for the Southern Frontier Cup, now available to view on the Southern Frontier Cup website. With new prices and details now available. In situations where we may already have a sponsor, then we’ll alter their sponsorship based on the amount paid and the tiers previously agreed.

Options begin from just £20, up to £800 for our Gold Tier Sponsorship.

Full details:

Surrey May go Sponsorless on Men’s Shirts from Start of 2021

International Surrey Football could be going sponsorless on their men’s home and away kits from the start of 2021. Surrey’s current home 2019-20 shirts notably featured 4 sponsor logos on the kit to ensure it was funded at no expense for the fledgling team and featured Pilgrim Brewery, CW Sport Radio, Follow the Trawler Podcast and FootballKitBox over their next 3 games, with plans to wear the shirts at their 2020 fixtures dashed following the outbreak of COVID-19 in the UK resulting in the cancellation of all their scheduled games planned in May.

The shirts produced by Godzown Sports were well received by many and was the first kit to feature Surrey’s current stag badge. The idea to aspire towards a sponsorless playing kit is driven by the desire for a cleaner brand for the team and an acknowledgement that COVID-19 will make seeking sponsorships for the foreseeable future tougher for many teams in the county. However, sponsors will be considered if interested sponsors arise, with both home and away kit from 2021, and multi-year arrangements also available.

The team will initially aim to fund its away kit as the team’s home kit will remain available for the foreseeable future. Currently, no plans of what design and manufacturers will be used have been finalised despite ISF releasing a blackout promotional shirt in support of the charity CALM in April with Hope & Glory Sportswear (Pictured below), and therefore the team remains open-minded to ideas and options available to them without currently committing to any supplier.

The team will aspire to release the kit by the new year giving themselves roughly 6 months to source the funding required to cover the production of the first kits and replica shirts are expected to be offered to fans on a limited-time basis once details are confirmed. No time frame for a new home kit has yet been confirmed with the current home kit remaining in use for the foreseeable future, with the away kit given a higher priority.

This plan will not be applied to Surrey women, in large part due to not yet playing in their debut home kit sponsored by Merrist Wood College, CW Sport Radio and Surrey Football TV, but also to continue to their association with the Surrey-based educational programme with Merrist Wood College receiving the first choice to refuse on sponsorship for any planned new kit for the team and having their current home sponsorship extended from the end of 2020, to the end of 2021 as compensation for the delays in the team debuting due to COVID-19.

There are no plans of what will happen with the team’s kit once replaced, the Surrey’s 2018 matchworn kit was sold on to collectors, especially footballkitbox, but it is not yet known what ISF will do with its 2019-20 kit, or their Tigres inspired training tops (pictured below) first worn during the team’s warm-up against the Chagos Islands in late 2019. The plan doesn’t strictly include replacing the Tigres inspired tops and would likely continue to feature sponsors in any new training kit released including tracksuits.

Details of the new kit, where to purchase and when it’ll be available will be made, when confirmed. The shirts will also include the logo and gold tier sponsors for the Southern Frontier Cup, originally planned for May 2020, now pushed back until May 2021, the logo and sponsor of which will feature as a sleeve patch on all shirts.

The Great Debate: Sponsor or Sponsorless

In recent weeks we’ve been showing off a number of images for our next 2021 away kit, and are continuing to work on designs behind the scenes, but 1 of the biggest questions remains. Should the shirt have a sponsor or not?

In an ideal world, most teams wouldn’t feature a sponsor, the shirts look better and the design can really speak for itself a lot more, but kit costs money to produce and the funding has to come from somewhere. But with football teams in the UK expected to see a decline in sponsorship revenue, how teams fund their new kits becomes a pressing question.

Some teams may seek sponsors through low-stakes raffles, but the lower the price, the more participants you’d need onboard, and the higher the price, the less willing some companies may be to participate. Having a sponsorship can also be used to build a relationship and partnership with the sponsor.

Alternatively, teams can seek to fund their kits through shirt sales, but this means teams would need to determine a minimum target, and what to do if that target isn’t reached? Pay the remainder through the team’s existing budget, or sell a reduced price sponsorship at the last minute?

We want to know your feedback, not only on whether kits should be sponsored, but depending on your response how best would your preferred outcome be achieved?