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Surrey to Host Matabeleland in Opening 2022 Friendly

International Surrey Football is pleased to announce that the Surrey men’s team will be opening their 2022 post-season friendlies by hosting the Matabeleland diaspora team at Merstham Football Club on Sunday 8th May, the game will be the first-ever meeting between the two teams.

Surrey and Matabeleland, both members of the World Unity Football Alliance, will meet for the first time on Sunday 8th May at Merstham Football Club, where Surrey last hosted a game in front of spectators, playing the Chagos Islands at the Isthmian League club’s ground in April 2019, and both teams are excited to meet on the pitch for the first time later this year.

Matabeleland, established in 2016, the southern African team are best known globally for their participation in the 2018 World Football Cup held in London where they quickly became a fan favourite during the tournament. 2021 saw the establishment of the Matabeleland Diaspora team, representing Matabeleland from within the United Kingdom, and the team that Surrey will be hosting in May.

The Matabeleland diaspora team played their first game in September 2021 against the Welsh Football Fans for Independence with Matabeleland winning emphatically 6-0 against their hosts. Surrey meanwhile will be looking to build on the work of manager Matthew Nash having managed the Surrey side for the first time last summer as we hosted the Chagos Islands in a friendly, before welcoming teams for the inaugural edition of the WUFA World Series, all games were played behind closed doors at Merrist Wood College near Guildford.

Surrey will be hosting a number of men and women’s friendlies in May-June 2022, and we encourage fans to keep their eyes peeled for more information as it’s announced.

The game will be held at Moatside, home of Merstham Football Club on Sunday 8th May, kicking off at 3pm. Only e-tickets will be accepted at the gate but can be purchased at any point before kick-off, cash may be accepted in the clubhouse and done so at the discretion of Merstham Football Club.

Tickets are available for purchase from today:

Games to be Shown Live on WatchISF

International Surrey Football is pleased to announce that it is intended that all of it’s upcoming games, including all 4 games of the WUFA World Series, will be shown live of WatchISF’s channel on football live streaming platform Mycujoo, with full match replays and highlights uploaded to its YouTube channel.

Surrey women’s opening friendly against the University of Surrey on Saturday 24th April will be the first Surrey game to be shown live, while the first men’s game will be the Sunday 9th May friendly against the Chagos Islands. Live streaming will also include all 4 games of the upcoming WUFA World Series.

Livestreaming will be available for free for all games, with a “virtual ticket” option being available for each game for supporters to support the stream and will be sold through Surrey’s online store, which will include a digital programme for the men’s friendly and WUFA World Series, while physical copies can also be pre-ordered. Virtual tickets will also be available for the women’s game as a way to support the team in their 3 upcoming friendlies, including 2 games against the University of Surrey women’s team, and will not be required to watch the live stream.

The streams will begin up to 15 minutes before the kick off of each game, starting at 12.45 pm for the Surrey Women’s first game this Saturday.

Virtual tickets will be available from ISF’s online store:

WatchISF will be available from its Mycujoo channel:

International Surrey Football cannot guarantee the quality of the streams, as this will be based on the available data coverage, data upload speeds and connection to the streaming platform.

2021 WUFA World Series: Surrey – Semi-Final Fixtures

We’re pleased to announce the opening 2 fixtures for the WUFA World Series: Surrey Stage, to be held in Guildford, the games will held back to back on the same day, Sunday 16th May, and played behind closed doors. The WUFA World Series is an international competition organised under the World Unity Football Alliance banner, the first decentralised tournament by the alliance.

Game 1 – Surrey vs Maghreb

Surrey will host non-WUFA members Maghreb in the opening game of the competition. The two teams have never previously met with plenty of unknowns going into the game. Maghreb are the only non-WUFA members in the tournament, invited to take part as representatives of the Moroccan diaspora in England, will be playing their first official non-FIFA game as part of the tournament.

Game 2 – Barawa vs Chagos Islands

Barawa and Chagos Islands will place in the later game, having previously played each other on three occasions, Barawa winning on two occasions, the Chagos Islands once, with the teams most recently meeting in a friendly in 2018.

The losers of each game will progress to a third-place game held at the early kick-off on Sunday 23rd May, while the winners of each game will progress to the final. Details of how you can watch the WUFA World Series, as well as highlights, will be announced closer to the game, as well as details of the tournament programme which will be available for pre-order soon on the ISF online store.

Sponsorship options for the tournament are available with match sponsorship and a digital programme advert among the options available. Interested sponsors can contact Michelle Saunders on 07786 565555, or email

2021 WUFA World Series: Surrey – Participating Teams

We’re pleased to announce the 4 teams that will be participating in the 2021 WUFA World Series in Surrey, in association with Merrist Wood College, where all 4 games will be played on 16th and 23rd May, the first tournament to be played since the formation of the World Unity Football Alliance last summer. All 4 teams were chosen due to their proximity to Surrey in order to limit travel in line with UK COVID-19 restrictions that will still be in place when the tournament is due to take place. The fixtures for the tournament will be unveiled tomorrow.


Co-founding member of WUFA. Barawa represents the Somali diaspora in England. It is named after Barawa, a port town in Somalia. Barawa Football Association was developed in 2015. Using football as a tool, the aim is to expose the Barawanese culture around the world and actively redevelop football in the south region of Somalia. Barawa uses the power of football to create change. 

Chagos Islands

Co-founding member of WUFA. Representing the Chagossian community that has been in exile since it was forcibly evicted from its Indian Ocean homeland in 1966. The British government sold the Chagossian home, the island of Diego Garcia, to the U.S. for a new military air base. Thousands of miles away from its ancestral home, the Chagossian community continues to fight to be allowed to return to its islands, proudly maintaining its unique identity in Crawley Manchester and all around the world, through language, song, culture, and, of course football, to let people know about the Chagossian history.


Co-founding member of WUFA, and tournament host. Representing the County of Surrey in Southern England, debuted a men’s team in 2018 and debuting a women’s team later this month. Surrey’s history with football stretches back to the very early days that the game became organised in England.


Non-WUFA member. Maghreb are an exception as they are not currently a member of WUFA, but participation in the tournament was agreed by WUFA given the current travel restrictions and advisory information currently in place in the UK and the likelihood that hotel accommodation within Surrey may still be unavailable limiting the opportunity to non-locally based teams from participating. Maghreb represents the Moroccan diaspora based in London and was founded in 2019.

WUFA World Series Coming to Surrey

International Surrey Football is pleased to announce that Surrey will host a stage of the WUFA World Series, an international competition organised under the World Unity Football Alliance banner, the first decentralised tournament by the alliance. The multi-stage tournament allows WUFA members host a series of localised tournaments to support greater team participation while helping to reduce costs, especially travel. The 4-team Surrey Stage of the tournament will be the first tournament being organised by WUFA members.

The WUFA World Series name is to reflect the tournament’s truly global reach, not limiting non-FIFA events to a single large scale annual event, and instead support a number of localised tournament’s taking place across the world, while the “Surrey Stage” of the tournament is the first to be announced, it’s not the only one being planned amidst the global backdrop in 2021, but this localisation approach by WUFA aids members in avoiding many of the travel and financial limitations typical of a non-FIFA tournament, made only more restrictive in the midst of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. While the ability for teams to take part in tournaments is restricted currently, it’s hoped that future World Series tournaments will improve overall access, not only to individual teams, but also supporters with the event being more viable in certain countries and regions such as North America where few non-FIFA games and tournaments have been able to be held in the past.

The format of the Surrey stage of the new non-FIFA tournament will be reminiscent of followers of the Southern Frontier Cup and will consist of a 4 team in a knockout format, teams were drawn randomly to determine semi-final matches with games played back to back, the winners of each fixture will progress to the final, while the losers of each fixture will progress to the third-place playoff, final and third-place playoff games would be played the following day. Different stages of the WUFA World Series may choose to adopt different formats for their respective stages.

The tournament will be held behind closed doors with no spectators by International Surrey Football at Merrist Wood College, near Guildford. The teams participating in the tournament will be announced tomorrow and the Semi-Final Matchups, already drawn will be announced on Thursday ahead of the men’s team’s first training session since their last game held on 22nd December 2019. Games will be held on 16th & 23rd May 2021.

Sponsorship options for the tournament are available with match sponsorship and a digital programme advert among the options available. Interested sponsors can contact Michelle Saunders on 07786 565555, or email