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Staying Silent is Not an Option

We have continued to see scenes in the USA and a growing number in major cities around the world including London. We’ve watched as friends, colleagues, and neighbours continue to face violence and feel threatened due to the colour of their skin.

At International Surrey Football we have not only taken notice of these incidents, spans year if not decades before our team’s foundation, but feel deeply hurt for all affected by racism. For those who are afraid to speak up in fear of repercussion for wanting to protect themselves and their communities, to save the lives of others. For those that have been witness to the violence and tragedy and struggle to make sense of the inhumanity.

Discrimination and violence against someone because of the colour of their skin has no place in society, here or anywhere. Speaking up against racism in all forms, coming together, and choosing understanding and compassion over hatred and violence is the only way we can try to build a better society and heal the pain that has been created in parts of our societ.

Staying silent in not an option.

Surrey Launching Online Marketplace Next Month

International Surrey Football is pleased to announce that a new online marketplace, named the “ISF Official Shop”, will be launched next month serving as an online marketplace to allow all fans of Surrey Football one place to find Blue and Gold merchandise as well as potential to purchase merchandise from Surrey-based football clubs, either as a redirect to their site or to accept orders on their behalf.

While the online store will launch focusing on a variety of Blue and Gold merchandise and provide redirects to other items such as shirts sold through the Godzown Sports website, or phone cases sold through Nostalgia Cases, the platform may also be used by Surrey-based clubs, either those looking to show content as a redirect to their own websites or as an alternative to setting up their own online presence, orders will then the forwarded to the relevant clubs who will complete the order.

The ISF Store will launch with a number of redirects as well as other Blue and Gold merchandise ahead of this summer. The store will be initially available for only UK delivery, with plans to expand to international delivery to be announced at a later date.

Surrey Supporter Club members can also enjoy discounts on purchases with discount codes that will be emailed to each Patreon member after joining the Surrey Supporter Club, you must use the same email address for both your Surrey Supporter Club membership and ISF Official Shop purchases for discount codes to work.

Clubs interested to host their merchandise on the ISF Shop can get in touch to arrange this at, no fee applied to redirects, and admin fee for hosting and managing orders.

Surrey teams up with Hope & Glory in support of CALM

International Surrey Football is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Hope + Glory Sportswear to release a limited edition Surrey blackout shirt in aid of the Campaign against Living Miserably (CALM) to raise awareness of mental health during this period of extended isolation from friends and loved ones that many people around the world are currently facing.

The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is a leading charity for suicide prevention, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK and the cause of 18 deaths every day. CALM runs a free and confidential helpline and webchat – 7 hours a day, 7 days a week for anyone who needs to talk about life’s problems. They also support those bereaved by suicide, through the Support After Suicide Partnership (SASP).

To support CALM and the vital work they undertake during this difficult time for many around the world, we have teamed up with sportswear supplier Hope + Glory to produce a limited edition Surrey blackout shirt, highlighting that mental health, isn’t an easily visible problem for many.

The shirt will feature an embroidered ISF and Hope & Glory logos, but also include the CALM logo in a black vinyl print, which will allow the logo to hide on the front of the shirt and be difficult to see easily when looked at to reflect the reality of how easily missed signs may be that friends or loved could be facing mental health problems.

Shirts are available for just £40, with a portion of the revenue generated from sales be donated directly to CALM to support the work they’re undertaking, this is proving especially important at this time as CALM saw a 37% increase in daily calls within the first week of the UK lockdown due to the spread of COVID-19. The sale of each Surrey blackout shirt will in effect cover the cost of 1 potentially life-saving call for CALM.

50% of revenue generated from sales will be donated to CALM, equally an estimated 1 shirt sale covering the cost of 1 potentially life-saving phone call with CALM. The shirt is available for pre-order from today and will remain available until at least May 17th, with a possible extension. However, once the sale ends it will end forever and the shirt will not be available again for any 2nd production runs.

Fans interested in purchasing one of these shirts can head over to the Hope + Glory Website to pre-order their very own Surrey black-out shirt from today and support the work done by CALM here:

Statement: COVID-19 (20/03/2020)

International Surrey Football continues to monitor the impact COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is having on the world around us. The safety and well being of all players, team staff and supporters is the most paramount consideration for any team at this moment while considering what actions to undertake as football takes a backseat to this public health crisis.

On Monday 16th March the UK government announced its latest advice concerning COVID-19. Among other things, this recommended against all non-essential contact and travel. As a result, all football in Surrey organised under the scope of the Surrey FA has been suspended for an unspecified period of time. While the professional game in England had targetted a return this weekend, it has become clear that such a resumption of the game, especially those involving fan attendance, has become increasingly unlikely.

On Thursday 19th March the UK updated its forecasts and suggested that COVID-19 may not be in the decline for potentially 12 weeks, leading up to the 12th June.

On Tuesday 31st March ConIFA are expected to hold their own meeting to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the World Football Cup, due to be held in North Macedonia. It is unclear at this stage when football will formally return, and whether all levels of football, or just professional levels, may be able to complete the 2019/20 season, or whether the season will be formally cancelled.

While it remains unclear what the future may hold, International Surrey Football has made a number of decisions regarding all activities.

International Surrey Football has decided with immediate effect that the Southern Frontier Cup will be postponed until the summer of 2021, all 3 invited teams (Cascadia, Parishes of Jersey and Yorkshire) have been automatically invited to the rescheduled event. Exact dates will be confirmed, with the intention that the tournament will still take place at Whyteleafe Football Club at a similar time of year, between the Muratti Vase and whichever ConIFA tournament may be played, full details will be confirmed when available at a later date.

All fans that have purchased tickets for the tournament will be issued an automatic refund, which will be processed this weekend, please allow a further 5 days for refunds to be issued by Eventbrite. Sponsors may keep their sponsorship for their rearranged fixtures or may get in contact to request a cancellation.

Our planned charity match against a Hampshire XI, due to be held at Farnham Town Football Club, will also be suspended and rescheduled at a later date in 2020, details to be confirmed. However, a charity donation of £100 each to, Crohn’s & Colitis UK and St. Catherine’s Hospice, will be made in the meantime.

Surrey’s plans for a women’s trial game in April will also be suspended until further notice, as well as the planned marketing day to prepare for the official launch of the team’s new home kit. International Surrey Football will also suspend its search for a Commercial Director until further notice with all interviews currently on hold.

International Surrey Football will largely limit its activities during April while we continuously assess the situation, content will still be provided where possible on social media. In May we will reassess the situation in regards to COVID-19 and will consider the potential to play friendly fixtures should the non-league season remain suspended. This will be done for player well-being and fitness, but also to provide clubs with a potential financial income during this time, as well as providing opportunities to support local businesses and charities where possible. It is not clear what stance we will take in regard to supporter attendance.

Details will be arranged when available, and plans for fixtures will include both our senior men and women’s teams. Interested non-FIFA teams operating in the South-East, are encouraged to get in contact to discuss interest, and splitting costs, with opposition places being on a first come first serve basis.

Clubs that may be interested in hosting can also get in contact with us to discuss the potential for games.

New Extras Available for Southern Frontier Cup

International Surrey Football is pleased to announce that we’ve added a number of new extra purchases available for the Southern Frontier Cup to allow fans to pre-order a selection of merchandise items ahead of the tournament to ensure they’re available before they run out.

Commemorative Physical Ticket: £3

Physical tickets will now be offered for fans to trade with their e-ticket on matchday, the trade will incur an additional fee of £3 to cover printing costs and stock will be limited, it is recommended fans include a commemorative ticket as part of their main ticket order to avoid disappointment during the tournament.

2019 Surrey Scarf: £10

Our 2019 Surrey X Pilgrim scarf will be available to reserve with collection available during the tournament. Stock will be limited with no plans for any new batch unless demand is high.

Pin Badge: £3.50

Everyone loves a pin badge and we already planned to sell badges as part of our retail stand during the Southern Frontier Cup. However, we’re now offering the chance to pre-order and reserve a pin badge to be collected during the tournament.

A3 Poster: £3

We received a lot of interest just from unveiling our fantastic poster created by Michael Taylor or Corner Flag Creative, and as well as the posters that you’ll be able to see in the weeks leading up to the Southern Frontier Cup, you’ll also be able to now buy your own A3 copy of the poster. Stock will be limited during the tournament, so ensure you pre-order a poster to avoid disappointment.

Groundhopper Pack: £10

The groundhopper pack is a collection of items at a great price for groundhoppers and other fans looking for a little bit of everything. The pack includes a commemorative physical ticket, a Surrey pin badge, a tournament programme and an A3 poster.

Quantities of all items may be limited and all items will be first come first served in their availability. All orders will be collected at the merchandise table that will be set up for the duration of the tournament, fans that aren’t able to attend the Southern Frontier Cup but still want to purchase tournament merchandise, an update of how to do that will be made available soon. Merchandise purchased through Eventbrite will NOT be posted.

Pre-order and buy your tickets today and enjoy early bird prices

Or go to to purchase tickets.