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Surrey Launches Second Blackout Shirt in Aid of CALM

International Surrey Football is pleased to announce the first shirt in aid of charity this year in our expanded NotBlueandGold campaign is our second blackout shirt, once again in aid of mental health and suicide prevention charity, the Campaign Against Living Miserably, CALM.

In 2020 the role of CALM and other mental health charities were never so great as people across the world spent many months of the year indoors, away from friends and family, and that importance remains ever present as we’ve moved into 2021, the light at the end of the tunnel has never been closer with multiple vaccines approved in countries around the world and being deployed to some of the most vulnerable in our society, but we’re not there yet and the services CALM and other mental health charities will be necessary, both now and in the future, that’s why we’re proud to be supporting CALM for the second time after launching our first ever charity shirt in support of them in 2020.

We’ve worked with the Kit Factor to put this new design together, following the same principle of our 2020 shirt, and will feature a black and dark grey pattern featuring a oak leaf representing Surrey, with black embroidered logos of our technical supplier Hope & Glory Sportswear, as well as either our Surrey men or women’s logos, with both options being available when ordering, and finally the shirt will feature a heat pressed CALM logo on the front which will help the design to hide on the shirt representing how mental health problems aren’t always clearly visible on the surface and that regularly checking up on friends and family, especially at this time is important.

Shirts will be available for just £39.99 for adult sizes, with a portion of the revenue generated from sales being donated directly to CALM to support the work they’re undertaking. CALM saw a 37% increase in daily calls within the first week of the UK lockdown. The sale of each Surrey blackout shirt will in effect cover the cost of 1 potentially life-saving call for CALM.

The shirt will be available for pre-order from February 1st 2021 and will remain available until the end of February 28th 2021. However, once the sale ends it will end forever and the shirt will not be available again for any 2nd production runs.

Surrey to Launch New Charity Shirts in 2021

In 2020 International Surrey Football released its first fundraising charity shirt, a blackout shirt, in aid of the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), as part of our #NotBlueandGold campaign as the blackout shirts broke away from the team’s traditional yellow and blue shirt colours to support the work of the mental health charity and highlight that for many struggling with mental health problems that these may not clearly visible on the surface. The campaign proved a success with 50% of the money raised from shirt sales going to CALM to help support dozens of potentially life-saving call services they offer.

We are therefore pleased to announce that International Surrey Football will be reviving and expanding the #NotBlueandGold campaign in 2021, launching 3 new fundraising shirts over the course of 2021, with shirts available in 1 month pre-order periods in February, June and October, each raising money for a different cause, and all abandoning the team’s traditional yellow and blue colours in favour of a unique colour scheme applied to each based on their respective causes and forming the #NotBlueandGold campaign in 2021.

Each shirt will only be unveiled up to 1 month before they become available for pre-order and will be produced by International Surrey Football’s teamwear supplier Hope & Glory Sportswear. The designs of each shirt will be published ahead of their respective pre-order release.

Unlike in the 2020 blackout shirt, all 3 shirts in the 2021 #NotBlueandGold campaign will also allow supporters the option to choose between the team’s men’s and women’s badges when pre-ordering their shirts.

All 3 shirts will be available to pre-order at £34.99 for child sizes and £39.99 for adult sizes, of each shirt 50% of the money raised through sales will go to the respective causes that will be announced when each shirt is revealed.

International Surrey Football Supports the Rainbow Laces Campaign

Everyone, regardless of who they are, have a right to enjoy football without fear of discrimination. 

2020 have shown a light on just some of the long-standing inequalities across society. COVID-19 has disproportionately affected many marginalised groups, including people from LGBTQA+ communities. 

Sports and fitness play an important role in the physical and mental health and wellbeing of everyone in our society, but it’s important that everyone is given a place to participate. We need to ensure that football is a place for everyone and this year has shown how much community and allyship matter. The impact of COVID-19 means many of us need sport and physical activity more than ever and football should be a safe haven for everyone, including those from the LGBTQA+ community.

International Surrey Football aims to provide a platform to promote the amazing individuals who compete as a part of or support the Blue and Gold regardless of their sexual orientation and support the LGBTQA+ individuals and community across Surrey, and as a part of this we’re supporting the rainbow laces campaign.

If you need help or advice, you can call Stonewalls information service FREEPHONE on 08000 0502020 or visit their website. Likewise, for more information and ways to report discrimination, you can check out the Kick It Out website

To find the English FA’s policies on tackling homophobia and LGBTQ+ representation in football, click here

If you, or someone you know, would like to report homophobic abuse experience in football, contact the Surrey FA’s discipline team at, or the contact the London FA’s discipline team at

Surrey Confirms Provisional Friendlies for May 2021

International Surrey Football is pleased to announce 2 friendlies have been provisionally arranged for May 2021 at Farnham Town FC and Merstham FC, which will kick off the Surrey men’s 6 fixture stong Summer plans.

Both fixtures remain subject to confirmation closer to the time, but are intended to include fan attendance with both online ticket sales and on the day tickets available, details of which will be announced at a later date. The game at Farnham Town will feature Surrey’s postponed charity match against a Hampshire XI side in aid of St Catherine’s Hospice and Crohn’s & Colitis UK, with money raised from the fixture being split 50/50 between the two charities and the match will stay sponsored by Farnborough based Milestone Transport Planning.

The second of the two fixtures announced today will see Surrey’s return to Merstham since our last game hosted at the east Surrey venue against the Chagos Islands. Exact details regarding opposition will be announced at a later date, and is intended to take place one week after the team’s charity game as Surrey prepares to host the Southern Frontier Cup soon after.

Details regarding the rescheduled Southern Frontier Cup, originally planned for May 2020, but now pushed back to 2021, are still being planned before any announcements can be made publicly. Additionally Surrey’s participation in the inaugural WUFA World Series is also being planned, with details being discussed but not in a position to be announced publicly.

Surrey’s women’s team that postponed its trial game amid the recent increase in COVID-19 cases in the UK, had also announced last week it’ll be planning to host its first home debut at Merstham FC in 2021, details of which remain in the early stages with no confirmation regarding potential opposition.

2020/21 Surrey Fixture Update

Following our 2020 AGM we considered a number of fixtures for both our men and women’s team in 2020/21. We’re holding back on finalising dates until we know the relevant club fixtures to ensure no risk of conflict. However, we are happy to share some updates about what fans can begin to look forward to.

We currently only have 1 friendly planned in 2020 due to a likely congested club fixture list, we’ll be announcing details of our women’s trial game soon, once dates are confirmed, but a venue and likely opposition have been decided, subject to dates. The game will be held behind closed doors, even if there is a change in government/FA guidelines, this is to best prepare ourselves and ensure the safety and well being of everyone in our first game since December 2019.

We’re hoping our 2021 Surrey home friendlies will be open to spectators and will retain our existing price structure for both Surrey men and women’s games. Adult: £5, 65+/Student: £3 and U16: Free. Meanwhile our Southern Frontier Cup prices will also remain the same as they were for the original 2020 edition, however the Early bird discount deadlines will change, tickets will launch in August, exact date to be confirmed, and will remain available until the end of 2020, on January 1st 2021, the prices will change to general sale, so don’t miss out on getting your tickets early with up to 1/3 off.

All games open to spectators will be ticket only, and details of how you can purchase your tickets will be announced when details are confirmed. This is to both ensure we comply with any track and trace measures and limited capacity measures still in place for our games.

Our men’s team will play their long overdue friendly against a Hampshire Xi side in aid of St Catherines Hospice and Crohn’s and Colitis UK in May 2021, and will still be sponsored by Milestone Transport Planning.

We’ll also be aiming to announce new dates for the Southern Frontier Cup soon as well. Cascadia, Parishes of Jersey and Yorkshire are automatically re-invited to the rescheduled tournament, but their places will be confirmed once new dates have been agreed

We’ll also be looking to confirm details for other fixtures, especially our women’s home debut soon as well, and potential opposition for this game is also being looked into.