International Surrey Football is an organisation seeking to provide predominantly non-league players with the opportunity to represent their County at the senior level internationally and provide a platform that they can use to compete against players outside their typical league opposition and allowing players to compete against and with higher standard players such as semi-professional or professional players. We initially began with 1 senior mens team but have since expanded in 2019 to create a senior women’s team and plan to expand further in the future to provide opportunities for players, coaches and fans across the county.

We also seek to spread awareness of the history and culture of Surrey where it is often forgotten that Surrey continues into what is now South West London, and expand awareness of the historical counties of the UK through promoting localised regional teams similar to county cricket.

Formed in 2014, the County of Surrey representative football team was created by the then called Surrey Independent Football Association (SIFA), later renamed in 2015 as International Surrey Football (ISF) in order to provide predominantly non-league footballers with the opportunity to compete in non-FIFA football. As opposed to the Surrey team that competes in the FA Inter-League Cup that only comprises of players from the Surrey Elite Intermediate League. The team was initially founded as a single senior men’s team with International Surrey Football outlining ambitions to expand into youth and women’s teams in the future.

In September 2017 we became a founding member of the County Football Federation with aspirations to oversee the formation of the British Counties League. Surrey had its debut game against Barawa on May 6th, 2018 at the St. Paul’s Sports Ground in Rotherhithe, South West London, a game it won 3-1 with goals from Mal Thomas, Leavan Sullivan and Jarvis Nutt.

In 2019 it was announced the creation of the Surrey Women’s team following the appointment of International Surrey Football’s first Director of Women’s Football, with the team to debut at a later date in 2019.

2014 – 2016
2016 – 2018

2018 – Present

Unlike the modern boundaries, we follow the boundaries of Surrey used between the 8th century and 1899, prior to the creation of the county of London, which later grew to form Greater London in 1965. This means that Surrey stretches from Rotherhithe to Haslemere, Camberley to Gatwick Airport, encompassing over 3 million people.

We intend to teach about Surrey’s history both on and off the pitch and raise awareness of the “London Boroughs” that historically formed Surrey’s urban core.

With grounds across the county of all shapes and sizes International Surrey Football hopes to reach football fans across the county and deliver new opportunities to Surrey’s many non-league players and new revenue streams for Surrey clubs.

International Surrey Football are strong advocates for the further development and promotion of women’s football in Surrey and take pride in launching the first non-FIFA non-Island Games women’s team in early 2019. International Surrey Football strives to provide a like for like experience with both of their senior representative teams with both games enjoying access to the same venues, printed programmes, live commentary and video recording opportunities where possible and will strive for both teams to provide an equal platform for both sides are they grow and compete on the non-FIFA international stage.

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