ISF Support Kitmas 2021

International Surrey Football is pleased to share that we will be supporting the 2021 Kitmas campaign, started by founded by football coach and activist Paul Watson and his wife Lizzie, with support from stand up comedians Vix Leyton and Mark Watson (Paul’s brother).

Kitmas works with various regional groups to distribute football shirts to those who will benefit most, making sure that as many children as possible have something to open on Christmas Day.

The campaign will run until December 8th as many centres will need to have the shirts in hand at least two weeks before Christmas in order to get them out to their local community. International Surrey Football will be promoting and working to support the campaign helping to raise awareness of the campaign and will be reaching out to various football clubs across Surrey to try and reach supporters able to donate money or shirts to the campaign.

You can donate to the campaign directly, either by donating to their Crowdfunder page:

Or send any shirts directly to Kitmas Appeal, PO Box 472, Stroud GL6 1NP

In the news

Here is some of the press coverage of last year’s campaign;

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