Opposition watch: Maghreb FC

International Surrey Football will take on Maghreb FC this weekend in the World Unity FA World Series third-place play-off as we look to bounce back from consecutive defeats to the Chagos Islands.

It will be the first time we’ve ever locked horns with Maghreb FC, so ahead of the game we caught up with Maghreb’s Ayman Dahdouh to learn more about who Maghreb are, what they represent and where they might cause us problems on Sunday…

Tell us about Maghreb FC and who you represent…

“We are a team built from Moroccan foundations, welcoming all ethnicities as we unite together to share our passion of expressing ourselves on the football pitch. Maghreb historically symbolises the western region of North Africa and so we felt it was necessary to build a football team that represents our heritage.”

How much does it mean to represent Maghreb?

“Maghreb is who we are. As players it runs through our blood. When we play, we are representing a region of nations that mean absolutely everything to us and our families.”

How long have you been a team?

“Our group of players grew up together within different communities in London. For the past five years many of our players have represented teams together, which has enabled us to forge established and friendly relationships on and off the pitch. We began as a team three years ago, organising and competing in events to raise money for charities worldwide. We then took that extra step by beginning to compete and establish ourselves as Maghreb FC two years ago.”

What shape is the team in coming into this weekend’s game?

“We are a very flexible team who base our philosophy on expressing ourselves. We like to keep possession of the ball and create as many chances as possible while limiting our defensive errors. Being able to transition from four at the back to three and vice versa will play a huge part in how we line up our shape on Sunday.”

What’s your team’s biggest strength?

“Our biggest strength is our resilience in terms of how we show fighting spirit and work for our teammates on the pitch. We understand our style of football and try to replicate our model as close to the script over the duration of the match.”

What are your ambitions for the future with Maghreb?

“Maghreb FC would like to continue to compete within the UK but in the near future we also want to begin to be recognised by international tournaments which we can participate in and win. We also hope to be recognised by the football governing bodies as we continue to grow our network of players within the UK and worldwide.”

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