View from the Dugout: Stephen Satterly

International Surrey Women’s Football coach Stephen Satterly oversaw an 8-1 win over Surrey University in our first-ever game in late April.

Here – in his own words – he lifts the lid on the build-up to the game and looks at the result in more detail…

“We have a great group of coaches and are all very experienced. What we were looking for in the initial sessions was ability and quality of player and problem solvers – everything else comes from the coaches. The sessions were designed to show technical ability and feel for the ball. Systems and style will vary during games – we will play as adaptable units and we will be able to change the way we set up and play. But will always be aggressive going forward. We have to adapt our style of play to player availability, but we will endeavour to play the same way – aggressive forward play with clever quality players.

“Ahead of the first game, we gave the ladies individual and unit tasks for the game, plus specific information regarding times when we were in and out of possession. That changed as the game progressed. As it was our first fixture, with a new squad, I didn’t expect too much, but – wow – what a good surprise!

“I was a little concerned when we conceded the first goal, as the team were still finding their feet and understanding their roles, but the reaction and work ethic after that was excellent and the confidence grew minute by minute. The determination and effort from the group was incredibly impressive.

“Gemma [Luke] got a first game hat-trick – a fantastic start. Gemma has very good ability and strikes the ball so well, so I’m delighted for her.

“Stan [Emily Stanley] is great with everyone. She wants to do well at everything, but the big thing Stan brings is determination. She sets the bar very high and everyone in the squad is expected to reach that bar.

“It was our first fixture, so obviously there are things that need attention on and off the pitch. As we progress, the squad will have more information on what we want to achieve on the pitch and how we plan to do that. It’s a great start and we can only improve tactically and technically as we approach further fixtures. It’s all very positive.”

Photo: Sheena Booker

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