Women’s Rep Showcase: Darfur United (WUFA)

In a series of articles, International Surrey Football is providing an introduction to a number of the already established teams International Surrey Football’s first women’s team could face at some point in the future.

Today’s article is of another World United Football Alliance member, Darfur United.


The Darfur United Women’s Team began in 2018 and is made up of female players from eight refugee camps in eastern Chad. Darfur United gives the women of Darfur the opportunity to train, compete, and represent their people on the field, and bring new possibilities for women and girls in their community, where few exist today. Building on the success of the Darfur United Men’s Team, the Women’s Team will continue to bring hope to the thousands of displaced Darfuris by representing and connecting them to the world. The players will be given a global platform to amplify the voices and needs of their people.

Darfur United is run by iAct, and international NGO that runs both Darfur men and women’s teams. In 2005, iACT Founding Executive Director Gabriel Stauring visited his first Darfuri refugee camp, located on the Chad-Sudan border. Stauring’s goal was to collect the stories of survivors of the Darfur genocide, then share them with individuals, the international community, and governmental actors in order to inspire action. The trip, intended to be his first and only, turned into visits taken two to three times every year, as well as a new path in life.

Today, iACT is an international organization pioneering processes, programs, and education campaigns to improve the humanitarian refugee response around the globe. iACT is about action and support inspired through personal relationships. Teamwork is at the heart of our change model. We collaborate with experts and organizations across different sectors, and, most importantly, the refugee beneficiaries, in order to design and implement education, sports, and human rights solutions at the forefront of humanitarian efforts.

You can watch more of Darfur United’s story in this 2019 documentary film, Not Just Football, trailer below.

You can also learn more about Darfur United, iAct or follow the team on social media here:

Darfur United website: https://darfurunited.com/
iAct Website: https://www.iact.ngo/
Darfur United Twitter: https://twitter.com/DarfurUnited
Darfur United Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DarfurUnited

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