Surrey Launches Second Blackout Shirt in Aid of CALM

International Surrey Football is pleased to announce the first shirt in aid of charity this year in our expanded NotBlueandGold campaign is our second blackout shirt, once again in aid of mental health and suicide prevention charity, the Campaign Against Living Miserably, CALM.

In 2020 the role of CALM and other mental health charities were never so great as people across the world spent many months of the year indoors, away from friends and family, and that importance remains ever present as we’ve moved into 2021, the light at the end of the tunnel has never been closer with multiple vaccines approved in countries around the world and being deployed to some of the most vulnerable in our society, but we’re not there yet and the services CALM and other mental health charities will be necessary, both now and in the future, that’s why we’re proud to be supporting CALM for the second time after launching our first ever charity shirt in support of them in 2020.

We’ve worked with the Kit Factor to put this new design together, following the same principle of our 2020 shirt, and will feature a black and dark grey pattern featuring a oak leaf representing Surrey, with black embroidered logos of our technical supplier Hope & Glory Sportswear, as well as either our Surrey men or women’s logos, with both options being available when ordering, and finally the shirt will feature a heat pressed CALM logo on the front which will help the design to hide on the shirt representing how mental health problems aren’t always clearly visible on the surface and that regularly checking up on friends and family, especially at this time is important.

Shirts will be available for just £39.99 for adult sizes, with a portion of the revenue generated from sales being donated directly to CALM to support the work they’re undertaking. CALM saw a 37% increase in daily calls within the first week of the UK lockdown. The sale of each Surrey blackout shirt will in effect cover the cost of 1 potentially life-saving call for CALM.

The shirt will be available for pre-order from February 1st 2021 and will remain available until the end of February 28th 2021. However, once the sale ends it will end forever and the shirt will not be available again for any 2nd production runs.

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