Surrey to Launch New Charity Shirts in 2021

In 2020 International Surrey Football released its first fundraising charity shirt, a blackout shirt, in aid of the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), as part of our #NotBlueandGold campaign as the blackout shirts broke away from the team’s traditional yellow and blue shirt colours to support the work of the mental health charity and highlight that for many struggling with mental health problems that these may not clearly visible on the surface. The campaign proved a success with 50% of the money raised from shirt sales going to CALM to help support dozens of potentially life-saving call services they offer.

We are therefore pleased to announce that International Surrey Football will be reviving and expanding the #NotBlueandGold campaign in 2021, launching 3 new fundraising shirts over the course of 2021, with shirts available in 1 month pre-order periods in February, June and October, each raising money for a different cause, and all abandoning the team’s traditional yellow and blue colours in favour of a unique colour scheme applied to each based on their respective causes and forming the #NotBlueandGold campaign in 2021.

Each shirt will only be unveiled up to 1 month before they become available for pre-order and will be produced by International Surrey Football’s teamwear supplier Hope & Glory Sportswear. The designs of each shirt will be published ahead of their respective pre-order release.

Unlike in the 2020 blackout shirt, all 3 shirts in the 2021 #NotBlueandGold campaign will also allow supporters the option to choose between the team’s men’s and women’s badges when pre-ordering their shirts.

All 3 shirts will be available to pre-order at £34.99 for child sizes and £39.99 for adult sizes, of each shirt 50% of the money raised through sales will go to the respective causes that will be announced when each shirt is revealed.

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