Michelle Saunders Joins Surrey as Director of Men’s Football

We’re pleased to announce the appointment of Michelle Saunders as Surrey’s new Director of Men’s Football, replacing the outgoing Cameron Bishop, overseeing fixtures and future off field development of our county men’s team. The role will see Michelle lead our men’s teams plans going into 2020 with the hopes of seeing the team’s off the field operations grow and the team become a more prominent feature when not on the football pitch.

Michelle previously worked as a part of Portsmouth Football Club as well as continue to volunteer with Horndean Football Club and has done great work in expending the off the field potential of both teams and supported an expansion of commercial potential within both clubs.

Michelle will be working to help International Surrey Football’s men team to prepare for their 2020 fixtures and will help the team to continue to weather the disruption created by COVID-19 and we welcome her as part of our team going forward.

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