International Surrey Football Supports the Rainbow Laces Campaign

Everyone, regardless of who they are, have a right to enjoy football without fear of discrimination. 

2020 have shown a light on just some of the long-standing inequalities across society. COVID-19 has disproportionately affected many marginalised groups, including people from LGBTQA+ communities. 

Sports and fitness play an important role in the physical and mental health and wellbeing of everyone in our society, but it’s important that everyone is given a place to participate. We need to ensure that football is a place for everyone and this year has shown how much community and allyship matter. The impact of COVID-19 means many of us need sport and physical activity more than ever and football should be a safe haven for everyone, including those from the LGBTQA+ community.

International Surrey Football aims to provide a platform to promote the amazing individuals who compete as a part of or support the Blue and Gold regardless of their sexual orientation and support the LGBTQA+ individuals and community across Surrey, and as a part of this we’re supporting the rainbow laces campaign.

If you need help or advice, you can call Stonewalls information service FREEPHONE on 08000 0502020 or visit their website. Likewise, for more information and ways to report discrimination, you can check out the Kick It Out website

To find the English FA’s policies on tackling homophobia and LGBTQ+ representation in football, click here

If you, or someone you know, would like to report homophobic abuse experience in football, contact the Surrey FA’s discipline team at, or the contact the London FA’s discipline team at

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