Women’s Representative Showcase: Introduction

In a new series of articles in the build up to Surrey’s first women’s trial game in early 2021, we’ll be giving an overview of the various women’s teams that currently exist around the world that Surrey could compete against, we’ll be excluding full FIFA members from this list as we look to introduce supporters into the many areas of representative football that they may not know about.


The first category we’ll be looking at are non-FIFA teams, this will include teams not affiliated to a national or regional FA recognised by FIFA, typically a member of the World Unity Football Alliance (WUFA), such as Surrey, or the Confederation of Independent Football Associations (CONIFA).

Currently operated teams;

Darfur United (WUFA)
Matabeleland FA (WUFA / CONIFA)
Northern Cyprus KTFF (CONIFA)
Occitania FA (CONIFA)
Padania FA (CONIFA)
Somaliland (CONIFA)

Proposed new teams;

Cascadia (WUFA / CONIFA)

Other teams may have been proposed, but either not recently or no substantial progress towards playing a debut.

Island Games

The islands games in a biannual sporting competition participated in by 24 different island regions and Gibraltar which includes a men and women’s football tournament. In total 18 different women’s teams have participated in the Women’s section of the tournament, in 2019 due to limited facilities in Gibraltar, Ynys Môn hosted a substitute football tournament, the 2019 Inter Games Football Tournament with 6 participating women’s teams.

2019 Inter Games Football Tournament Participants;

Hitra (Norway)
Isle of Man
Western Isles
Ynys Môn (Anglesey, Wales)

Other Women’s Teams that have Participated but may no Longer be Active;

Åland Islands (Finland)
Faroe Islands
Isle of Wight
Menorca (Spain)
Prince Edward Island (Canada)
Rhodes (Greece)
Saaremaa (Estonia)
Shetland (Scotland)

Military FAs

Each service branch within the British Armed Forces run their own county football association responsible for running football activities within each respective branch and will typically compete against each other in the annual Inter-Services Tournament as well as against other county FA teams.

British Military Branches with Football Associations;

British Army FA (based in Aldershot)
Royal Air Force FA (based in RAF Brize Norton)
Royal Navy FA (based in Portsmouth)

County FAs

As well as the 3 Military FAs and 3 crown dependencies which all operate as county FAs within the English FA, various other county FAs within England operate county representative football teams. County FA compete in competitions between each other, the Southern Counties Competition (including the 3 Military FAs and Jersey) and South & West Counties Championship Competition.

County FAs running Women’s teams

Devon FA (SWCC)
Dorset FA (SWCC)
Essex FA (SCC)
Gloucestershire FA (SWCC)
Kent FA (SCC)
Middlesex FA (SCC)
Somerset FA (SWCC)
Sussex FA (SCC)

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