Surrey joins World Unity Football Alliance

International Surrey Football is pleased to announce a new stage in our journey as we join as founding members of the World Unity Football Alliance (WUFA), started by the NGO iAct, founders of the Darfur Football Association.

The World Unity Football Alliance is a collaborative effort between value-aligned teams with a mission to promote hope, opportunity, and universal human rights while celebrating the joy of bringing people together through the most beautiful of games: Football.

The WUFA’s united core values include empathy, compassion, equity, honesty, and respect for universal human rights. The WUFA will work equitably together on projects, campaigns, and events that elevate the Alliance‚Äôs mission and values, and those of each of our teams.

We feel this move will benefit both our men and women’s teams and will provide the teams with new opportunities, as well as providing a means to support football and communities outside the UK.

As well as Surrey and Darfur, WUFA members also include the Chagos Islands, Matabeleland, Parishes of Jersey, Karen, Tamil Eelam and Barawa.

Read the full statement from the WUFA here:

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