The Great Debate: Sponsor or Sponsorless

In recent weeks we’ve been showing off a number of images for our next 2021 away kit, and are continuing to work on designs behind the scenes, but 1 of the biggest questions remains. Should the shirt have a sponsor or not?

In an ideal world, most teams wouldn’t feature a sponsor, the shirts look better and the design can really speak for itself a lot more, but kit costs money to produce and the funding has to come from somewhere. But with football teams in the UK expected to see a decline in sponsorship revenue, how teams fund their new kits becomes a pressing question.

Some teams may seek sponsors through low-stakes raffles, but the lower the price, the more participants you’d need onboard, and the higher the price, the less willing some companies may be to participate. Having a sponsorship can also be used to build a relationship and partnership with the sponsor.

Alternatively, teams can seek to fund their kits through shirt sales, but this means teams would need to determine a minimum target, and what to do if that target isn’t reached? Pay the remainder through the team’s existing budget, or sell a reduced price sponsorship at the last minute?

We want to know your feedback, not only on whether kits should be sponsored, but depending on your response how best would your preferred outcome be achieved?

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