Staying Silent is Not an Option

We have continued to see scenes in the USA and a growing number in major cities around the world including London. We’ve watched as friends, colleagues, and neighbours continue to face violence and feel threatened due to the colour of their skin.

At International Surrey Football we have not only taken notice of these incidents, spans year if not decades before our team’s foundation, but feel deeply hurt for all affected by racism. For those who are afraid to speak up in fear of repercussion for wanting to protect themselves and their communities, to save the lives of others. For those that have been witness to the violence and tragedy and struggle to make sense of the inhumanity.

Discrimination and violence against someone because of the colour of their skin has no place in society, here or anywhere. Speaking up against racism in all forms, coming together, and choosing understanding and compassion over hatred and violence is the only way we can try to build a better society and heal the pain that has been created in parts of our societ.

Staying silent in not an option.

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