Cascadia AFF to Participate in Southern Frontier Cup

International Surrey Football is pleased to announce that the Cascadia Association Football Federation will be participating in the 2020 Southern Frontier Cup being held at Whyteleafe FC’s Church Road ground on 23-24 May.

Cascadia is a bio-region of North America, generally covering large areas of the US States of Oregon, Washington and Idaho as well as the Canadian Province of British Columbia.

The four-team knock-out tournament will take place over two match days with a final to determine the winner and a play-off to decide third place team.

Cascadia has played a number of games in Surrey before, but never against the blue and gold themselves, Cascadia played 5 out of 6 of their 2018 ConIFA World Football Cup games at Surrey grounds, Sutton United, Carshalton Athletic and Fisher, playing the 6th game at Bromley in Kent. Cascadia also went on to play their first friendly game at Whyteleafe, the venue for the inaugural Southern Frontier Cup, earlier this year.

We’re pleased to be welcoming the team as the latest to join International Surrey Football and the Yorkshire International Football Association as an announced participant in the invitational non-FIFA tournament.

Surrey and Cascadia have not previously played each other, both teams have played against the Chagos Islands, Surrey played their most recent fixture against them in a 3-2 loss, while Cascadia played them in their first friendly fixture, the game ended as a 6-3 win for the North American side.

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