Southern Frontier Cup: Programme Details

International Surrey Football is pleased to be sharing details of the official tournament programme for the Southern Frontier Cup. A printed programme is very much a cornerstone of any football match, especially at any Surrey home game. That’s why we’re pleased to be sharing details concerning the edition that will be available at the Southern Frontier Cup.

International Surrey Football is proud to offer affordable programmes providing great content and information featuring a number of writers. Previously our programmes have included articles from the Dan Roberts, Nat Holland (Terrace Traveller) and Pat McGuinness (Pat’s Football Blog) covering a range of non-league and non-FIFA topics.

We’re pleased to say that a bumper 64-page programme will be available for the duration of the tournament providing more insight, reading and information than ever before in a Surrey programme to cover all 4 teams taking part in the Southern Frontier Cup.

The programmes will be available to purchase with tickets online, details coming soon, or on matchday, matchday programme will be available while stocks last, those brought with tickets will be reserved and can be collected on matchday. Programmes will be available for just £3.

Programme adverts and sponsorship can also be purchased, prices available below;

Programme Sponsor£150
Full Page Advert£40
Half Page Advert£30

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  1. Hi there.
    I am interested in taking out a 1/2 page advert in the programme for my website (Canadian Soccer History Archive). I am a supporter of both the Quebec and Cascadian CONIFA teams with dedicated pages to them on my site and a follower of CONIFA in general, especially the teams in the UK as an expat.
    Please let me know how to proceed.

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