Surrey Issues Rallying Cry for Women’s Edition of Southern Frontier Cup

With November set to see a number of high profile announcements to give fans, sponsors and the media a first glimpse of the venue, ticketing, logo and teams participating in the competition, International Surrey Football would like to take the opportunity of the “calm before the storm” with only a week before the first announcements are made to issue a rallying cry for the competition’s future.

In 2020, we’ll see the first edition of the Southern Frontier Cup, an invitational men’s international non-FIFA tournament with a simple motto explaining its premise “4 Teams, 2 Days, 1 Winner”. In 2008 and 2010, the only 2 editions of the VIVA World Cup Women’s Tournament were held, organised by the NF Board (the predecessor of ConIFA, the main governing body of non-FIFA international football), and were held in Sapmi (Sweden) and Gozo (Malta) respectively.

Each edition featured only 2 teams playing a 2 legged fixture, the fixtures were held as a side event to the main men’s editions of the VIVA World Cup hosted by the same host nations as the Women’s World Cups. In 2018 Sapmi and Northern Cyprus played the first ConIFA organised women’s friendly.

In 2021, we intend to host the first Women’s Edition of the Southern Frontier Cup under the same premise, “4 Teams, 2 Days, 1 Winner”, which will also be hosted at a non-league ground in Surrey and would be held as a standalone event. With only 4 teams, the Southern Frontier Cup would already be the largest competitive non-FIFA tournament held for women’s football outside Europeada and the Island Games.

We, therefore, would like to invite every ConIFA women’s team to consider their participation as we look to begin preparations for the tournament following the conclusion of our 2020 Fixtures at the end of May 2020.

We’re also pleased to announce the decision to offer potential sponsors the opportunity to extend their Southern Frontier Cup sponsorship to a 2 year period, covering both the men and women’s editions for just 50% more than the stated 1 year price to support non-FIFA women’s football.

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