Surrey Men’s Trials to be Rescheduled into Midweek Friendlies

International Surrey Football would like to report that it’s planned training fixture, due to be held at Merstham Football Club on November 17th 2019, will be rescheduled, and be replaced with a top be arranged midweek friendly against club opposition.

The decision was made following a number of players raising concerns about participating in a fixture after likely playing only 24 hours previous on Saturday 16th for their respected club sides.

Therefore, for player welfare and fitness reasons, it’s been decided that the scheduled training fixture due to take place on November 17th 2019 at the Whiskey Bible Stadium (Moatside), will no longer be taking place as previously announced, instead, a midweek friendly against club opposition will be organised as a replacement of the previous plans.

Details of the proposed fixture will be announced when available, any games against club opposition will take place before the end of the 2019/20 season, ahead of our planned fixtures to be held in May 2020. Players that are still interested in taking part in a rearranged fixture, can still sign up on our website.

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