ISF Launches Southern Frontier Cup for 2020

International Surrey Football (ISF) is pleased to announce the launch of the Southern Frontier Cup, a new 4 team invitational non-FIFA tournament intended to be hosted annually in Surrey. The first edition of the tournament will take place in early Summer 2020, and forms part of our Summer of International Surrey Football alongside our 3 friendlies, including our charity match against a Hampshire XI.

The name of the tournament, Southern Frontier Cup, derives from the region’s Saxon history as a sparsely populated frontier region, fought over between the surrounding kingdoms of the time, Kent, Essex, Sussex, Wessex and Mercia, before the county was finally conquered by Wessex in 825. The name Surrey itself is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word Sūþrīge (or Suthrige), meaning “southern region”, and this is thought to originate from its status as the southern portion of Mercian territory.

The new non-FIFA tournament will consist of a 4 team in a knockout format, teams will be drawn randomly to determine semi-final matches with games played back to back, the winners of each fixture will progress to the final, while the losers of each fixture will progress to the third-place playoff, final and third-place playoff games would be played the following day.

Details of venue, dates, and teams are awaiting confirmation and will be announced once information is confirmed in the coming months. Potential sponsors are encouraged to get in touch regarding opportunities available with sponsorship details for all Surrey fixtures next year to be announced in the coming weeks.

The Southern Frontier Cup will be the first multi-team non-FIFA tournament held in the Surrey since Sutton United, Carshalton Athletic and Fisher hosted games of the 2018 ConIFA World Football Cup and will be the first tournament hosted by International Surrey Football.

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