Liam Parrington to Step Down as Surrey Manager

Liam Parrington, appointed Surrey manager in 2017 and oversaw the team in their debut game against Barawa, will be stepping down as Surrey’s senior men’s manager upon the appointment of a new manager.

Liam, who wasn’t available to manage the team in yesterday’s loss to the Chagos Islands, will be stepping down to allow him to focus on other endeavours such as running Stateside Today, his US College Scholarship Consultancy and Surrey sponsors. However, Liam will remain involved with the Blue and Gold, taking on the vacant First Team Coach instead.

Liam will remain the Surrey manager in the meantime, leading any training sessions or fixtures ahead of the appointment of our new senior men’s manager.

In a statement Surrey President, Danny Clarke, said “Liam’s involvement in getting the team to its debut was vital and helped to set the team up to grow as it has, but it’s great that he’ll remain involved with the team as his contribution remains important.”

International Surrey Football will now accept applications for the First team Manager Role, candidates should send their applications to

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